Mutual Fund Statement Parser. Parse CAS into JSON or CSV

Robust API to Parse CAS Statements from CAMS, Karvy

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Convert CAS (CAMS & Karvy) PDF to JSON or CSV

Track Mutual Fund Portfolios with Confidence

So what's a CAS Parser?

Developer-First Product

Designed to be used by Developers from the ground up. 

99.9% Uptime

State-of-the-art DevOps designed to be always Up & Running.

100% Full Data Protection

Your customers’ information and your data need to be safeguarded. That’s why we do not store any information on our servers.

Dedicated Customer Support

Our support team can give you information and guidance when you need it most.


API - First Solution

Created by Developers, Like you 🙌

AI Powered Parsing

With a 95% PDF Parsing Rate, we can parse almost all transactions in any given CAS PDF

Seamless Web API

Integrate our Web APIs with your System without any hassles

Precise Data Extraction

State of the Art parsing technology used to parse the PDF so that no data point goes missing

Handle Dividend Transactions

Detect Dividend transactions in CAS Statements with ease

Prevent Fraud

Prevent Fraud by determining Investor's information like Name, Address, PAN, Email, etc

Detailed Transaction Analysis

Retrieve all Data points in-details from the CAS Statements

Track your User's Portfolios

Build a Better User Experience by checking your calculating your Customer's Portfolio Health and provide recommendations to manage Risk

100% Data Accuracy with Asynchronous Manual Confirmations

*Coming Soon* Achieve 100% Data accuracy with API-based human verification for CAS PDFs

Detect Switch Transactions

Both Switch In/Out Mutual Fund transactions from Direct to Regular and/or vice-versa funds


Monthly and Usage based Plans. Reach out if you want a Custom plan,
Get started with FREE Access to parsing 40 CAS PDF Statements


₹ 14 per request
1 CAS PDF Statements

  • All Features
  • Output in JSON, XML
  • Standard Email Support


₹ 3,500 / month
400 CAS PDF Statements

  • *Everything* in Mega Plan
  • ₹8.75 per PDF Statement
  • Priority Phone + Email Support


₹ 10,600 / month
1,500 CAS PDF Statements

  • *Everything* in Pro Plan
  • ₹7 per PDF Statement

Discounted Pricing

Want to parse more than 2000 CAS PDFs?

Custom Quote

  • *Everything* in Pro Plan
  • Cheapest Rates ₹₹ 
  • Custom Data Points

Money-back Guarantee

See any discrepancies in the data? Write to us and get API request credits back to your plan's quota